3CX Private Cloud

3CX Private Cloud Features
All instances are hosted in a private cloud, whereas most competitors host in a public cloud with shared resource pools. Our partners experience dedicated resources - you pay for exactly what you get. When hosting an application as important as VoIP, being on a private network with guaranteed resources will dramatically increase the quality of your experience. Experience a private cloud where resources are reserved & there when you need them.
Enterprise Features,  Enhanced Security
3CX's hosted PBX is an ideal solution for your business as you have your own dedicated PBX in the cloud without the management overhead; yet it is completely separated from and unaffected by other tenants. No lock-in, free choice of SIP trunks and your data and settings are yours from the beginning! Enhanced security provides your enterprise a secure solution with intelligent instance hacking detection. We monitor a multitude of specific SIP attacks related to 3CX, detecting issues & performing intelligent prevention before your instance is even reached.
That's Great! How Do I Sign Up? 
Signing up is easy. Contact our 3CX Certified Engineers. The initial setup is FREE.  This involves setting up extensions, provisioning handsets, setting up SIP trunks, enabling inbound/outbound calls, and designing a call flow. We can also provide ongoing expert and comprehensive management for your hosted 3CX service. This includes adding new users, amending call flows, setting up new numbers, and so forth.
Call Now For A Free Technical Consultation
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