Asset Recovery

Sky Phone Pros offers great value for end-of-life technology, our asset recovery team provides monetary compensation for returned equipment, which can be re-invested in replacement solutions. The keys to determine the residual value of retired IT assets are age and condition. If the costs to refurbish an asset outweigh the value, it will be dismantled for component use and/or properly recycled. For prompt evaluation, email your aging/excess inventory in excel format including the part numbers, quantities, and conditions to our Purchasing Team.
Recover some of the capital you’ve invested in IT assets by re-marketing your retired equipment. Our product specialists will assess the technology’s market value and find the channel that will capture the highest possible return for you. Our own retail store,, is one channel where your refurbished technology could be re-marketed. After professionally inspecting and refurbishing our clients’ products, many of them are placed for resale in our popular online store. With a large and always changing inventory of discounted, leading-brand Telecommunications Equipment, is able to re-market large numbers of IP Telephony, Phone Systems, and more; maximizing your return on investment.
Extend the productivity and useful life of your technology with electronics re-marketing, or redeployment within your organization. Sky Phone Pros has 17+ years of experience in the technology supply chain. We provide the expertise to evaluate and refurbish your assets, and find the best reuse opportunity. We will help you maximize your return on investment while being kind to the environment. Our repair and revitalizing services include data sanitation, testing, refurbishing, and full recycling services if necessary. We can re-purpose your assets for use elsewhere within your organization. We will sanitize all data from your equipment, refurbish as needed, and return to you for redeployment.
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