Phone Repair

Zero Defect Commitment 
Sky Phone Pros Telecomm Technicians repair many brands of equipment. Repair and Refurbishing Services start at just $86 for All Spectralink Phones. We also repair Yealink, Polycom, and Avaya IP Phones. We evaluate and replace faulty internal components at PCB board level to ensure reliability. We make certain the final product is returned in "Pristine Quality" condition. If you're unsure if your equipment is repairable, then please call us for a "Custom Repair Quote". Software Upgrades Only can usually be completed via Remote Session. Please Contact our Support Team to Schedule.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
All repaired products are certified with a Limited Lifetime Warranty from the date of delivery to protect against component failure only. We are contractually obligated to replace parts of a product that break or are defective over the life of the product. Warranty does not include consumer misuse or removal of warranty label. Example: dropping causing damage to displays or plastics, water damage, or general wear and tear from usage. Standard repair fees apply for consumer misuse.
Third-Party Disclaimer
Sky Phone Pros are not now nor has ever been an authorized repair center for Spectralink or any other manufacturer. We provide third-party repair services for products manufactured by a number of companies. No products repaired by us are supported under the original manufacturer warranty. Sky Phone Pros provides our own warranty coverage for phones we repair. We make no claims of affiliation or alliance with any of the manufacturers for the purposes of repairing their equipment.
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